A current and financial member of the Blackwood Football Club may submit to the Life Membership Committee in writing before the closing date of 27th October 2023, a proposal for consideration & discussion for awarding Meritorious Service to a member who has given long and continued service to the Club.

The Life Membership Committee will submit recommendation(s) for review and endorsement to the Executive Committee of Management at the next appropriate Committee meeting. The nominator(s) will be advised in writing of the Committee’s decision, followed by advice in writing to the successful candidate(s). They will be then invited to the Club’s Annual General Meeting where the award will be presented.

To be eligible for a Meritorious Service Award, a member must have given a minimum of 10 years of service to the Club by demonstrating an exceptional, consistent, and significant contribution to the Club in areas such as coaching, playing, sponsorship, umpiring, committee contribution, leadership and volunteer work.

Nominations are to be sent before the closing date of 27th October, 2023 either by email to: secretary@blackwoodfootballclub.com.au

or post to: PO BOX 69 BLACKWOOD SA 5051

Please click the button below to find the Meritorious Service Award Nomination Form.

Thank you for your support of the Club

Life Membership Committee