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Adrian’s Firewood Supplies


We are pleased to announce that ADRIAN’S FIREWOOD SUPPLIES are offering Blackwood Football Club members great prices on firewood! It has been reported that the 2023 price of Red Gum firwood is likely to exceed $600 per tonne, so it is great timing we have our new sponsor on board!

The following are the exceptional offerings for Blackwood Football Club members. Please note all orders must be made by the 15th of February 2023 to take advantage of this great price


Pay only $500 per tonne for seasoned Red Gum firewood, this includes delivery. Simply pre-order your firewood for 2023 now and secure this price! You only need to pay a deposit of $150 per tonne with the balance payable on delivery (nominate delivery for April and/or June 2023).


4 Bags of 20kg Mixed Gum for $60.00, including delivery. This can be split to the size you prefer – larger pieces or fire starters. Smaller pieces are also ideal for pizza ovens, chimineas and fire pits. Naturally, you can order more than 4 bags with each additional bag costing only $15.

Blackwood Football Club will receive $25 per tonne of Red Gum firewood sold and $5 from each order of 4 bags of Mixed Gum. So make sure you buy your wood through us and support your Club at the same time.

Get organised for winter now and take advantage of these incredible offers!!

Please find an order form attached, should you have any questions please contact Adrian directly via email adriansfirewood@outlook.com or call on 0411 665 588.

Please email all order forms directly to adriansfirewood@outlook.com to secure your order!


BFC Wood Order Form